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Going Concern Valuation:


building-08It is a hands-on seminar that synthesizes the latest thinking and methodologies for valuing properties that are integrated with a Going Concern. The course presents the topic from its historical perspective through the current situation.

The notion of Going Concern value is offered from several viewpoints including the appraisers' considerations, the lenders concerns, assessors' perception, and it addresses the issue from the eminent domain professionals' interest in the light of Kelo v. New London. The course shows how the various elements of a going concern affect each of these professions and assists the professional in comprehending this intricate idea.

Author and Developer: L. Deane Wilson, ASA is the instructor and developer of this course as well as the other courses. Mr. Wilson has taught every level of appraisal course both nationally and internationally. He has authored and developed many appraisal courses and seminars, spoken at major appraisal conferences, as well written numerous articles on appraisal issues. He is the founder of the Blackwell Institute for the Study of Land Use Ethics, and a Partner and Chief Appraiser of The Blackwell Group. He graduated from BIOLA University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership, and has a Special Major Masters Degree from California State University, Sacramento, in Land Use Ethics.

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (theblackwellgroup.org_Going_Concern_for_Real_Estate_Appraisers.pdf)Download The Full Course Brochure Here!Going Concern for Real Estate Appraisers723 Kb

building-05Logic & Critical Thinking is the first course dedicated to the most important areas of writing that are not covered in other report writing courses. Fundamental to this course is the idea of argumentation. Most appraisal courses focus on quantifying results as opposed to presenting a valid argument for conclusions.

Topics Covered Include

  • Writing imperatives
  • The reader's perspective and the reader's most commonly asked questions
  • Current terminology surrounding logic and critical thinking
  • Expository writing
  • Six writing styles used in expository writing
    • Description
    • Definition
    • Comparison
    • Analysis
    • Evaluation
    • Argumentation
  • Recognizing arguments
  • Argument analysis
  • Good explanations
  • Writing a valid argument
  • Logical Fallacies
  • Deductive Thinking/Reasoning
  • Inductive Thinking/Reasoning
  • Wordsmithing
  • Rhetoric versus Reasoning
  • Suggestions for effective report writing
  • General guidelines for better report writing
FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (theblackwellgroup.org_Logic_and_Critical_Thinking_For_All_Appraisers.pdf)Download The Full Course Brochure Here!Logic & Critical Thinking - For All Appraisers667 Kb

building-03Adjustments are the least discussed element of appraising in educational offerings. Yet, adjustments are typically the most discussed by readers of your report. Most appraisal courses do not teach the level of detail needed to understand and correctly apply adjustments. This seminar is solely devoted to the adjustment process

This seminar is designed for the beginning appraiser as well as more experienced appraisers. Adjustments are looked at from all aspects including why, how, when, and when not to adjust. All of the adjustment techniques are discussed and applied through class exercises. Case studies include residential and commercial properties.

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (theblackwellgroup.org_Adjustments_The_Good_The_Bad_And_The_Ugly.pdf)Download The Full Course Brochure Here!Adjustments - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly800 Kb